Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Caught a bug...

Alex has been feeling under the weather - according to the doctor who first suspected mono - Alex caught some viral infection. I picked up Alex from the airport last night - he went back to Kansas city on Sunday for a surprise brithday party for his grandma. After he got his checked in bag (it came this time!), I rushed him to the doctor's. They did more tests on him and prescribed even more medication for Alex. And later, I picked up Chele who accompanied me driving Alex back to the hotel by the fairgrounds.

Poor Alex... he's been in and out of work, airports, doctor's, work and more work. He needs big time rest to fully recover. He's been working soo hard and all the travelling and being in confined spaces is not much help at all in getting any sort of speedy recovery. Get well soon Alex!~!

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