Friday, August 19, 2005

A dancing we will go...

So after work yesterday... Amy, Leslie, Marie and I went for a ballroom dancing class. This is something that we have talked and planned about most summer.. and now that summer break is coming to an end... we finally did it. It was a lotta fun just being outside our work zone and to just be together doing something else than work! :P

We did the merengue and the tango... what fun!~ I remembered just bits and pieces of what I previously learned in my undergrad years at UB in Ms. Blythe's Latin & American rhythms class... but some of the steps came to me easily seeing that I had practiced them before. I had an awesome partner then... I convinced Aaron to take the class with me. Thanks Aaron... you're the best!~ It was in that class where I first met Mindi a.k.a. mummy Mindi, Greg, "Doctor" Mike and Paige...

Picnic - Greatest Dancers
Here's a picture of Me, Mindi and Paige back in the late spring / close to early Summer of 2001.

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