Monday, August 08, 2005

Food for thoughts...

It's been another busy week... with some more moving of Sharon to her new place, tennis games, eating our dinners out - we went from Irish/American to Indian to Thai and Dim Sum.

Sharon officially moved in to her apartment on Thursday where we both spent a night there. We unpacked and put some of her stuff together to make her room as complete as we can. It was an interesting experience waking up the next morning... the neighbors were a little bit louder than what we are used to as compared to the townhouse we have. From the senior citizens' apartment upstairs on the left to the apartment on the top right side of the guy who always seem to be cooking up a storm without a shirt on (I don't think he believes in blinds or curtains!) it sure was a new and amusing place for Sharon to be in.

Peter came up on Friday and that is when we all went out for Indian food. Watched a couple more of Stephen Chow's movies as a start to one heck of a lazy weekend. Saturday was spent doing some semi-unproductive stuff. Us girls woke up to an energizing start of a game of tennis with Chee Ming which lasted for a couple of hours. After that... Sharon went off to more organizing and cleaning of her apartment while Chele, Peter and myself spent the rest of the afternoon just lazing under the sun by the pool in our townhouse complex. Got ourselves some decent tan - whenever it got a bit too hot, we just jumped into the pool :D

And finally, the long awaited Dim Sum trip to Canada was made with Amy & Leslie. Leslie was delighted with the thoughts of Char Siew Bao and Low Mai Kai. We consumed a lot of dimsum for a table of 5. The waitresses were amazed at how much stuff we kept ordering and demanding. We also managed to make a take out order of 27 Baos and 8 Low Mai Kais. After brunch, we headed to the next door grocery store for Amy & Leslie to indulge in more Asian yummy treats - stuff to stock up with.

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pete said...

And the spam begins!

On a more serious note, at least I got something done this weekend as opposed to you ladies =)