Monday, May 09, 2005

Yin Yin & Mark

Both Yin Yin and Mark arrived safely and early on Sunday morning... 5.30a.m. to be exact. They both took the bus from NYC after some sightseeing in the city. Yin flew into NYC from Penang or was it Singapore and Mark flew in from Dallas - -he's currently training/working there.

Let them freshen up a little, breakfast at Tim Horton's and an early nap time before heading out. And we all did that considering it was barely 7 a.m. after an early breakfast. We didn't head out for the Falls till about 11 a.m. Yes, you hear me right... to the Falls I go again... 2 times in one week. Only this time, instead of rain and cold breeze when Shen & Jamie were here a couple of days ago... it was warm, sun shiny weather of high 60s. Lucky us for a postcard picture perfect day out! Posted by Hello

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