Friday, May 27, 2005

Congrats Han Liang!~

Sharon and I were very lucky to have met up not only with Han Liang this evening, but also with his youngest brother - Han Wei, dad, Mr. Chong, family friend, Auntie Yoke Chin and her two sons, Daniel and Joel. They have all just came from Rochester, visiting the campus and also a business meeting at RIT. After visiting the Falls, one cannot NOT go see the Falls when one is within the vicinity and at this lovely time in the year - a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist which they all ofcourse did. We all met up in UB and after a brief tour of the campus, to dinner we all went, at Lebro's for Italian food.

We're going to miss Han Liang as he is leaving for home after Memorial Day. This weekend is Cornell's graduation weekend and Han Liang's commencement ceremony is tomorrow. Peter and I were planning on cheering on for Han Liang at his ceremony but we are tied up here in Buffalo with some other plans. Anyways, a BIG congratulations to you Han Liang. It seemed like it was only yesterday that we picked you up from Syracuse airport and sent you to Cornell, checked in and shopping for stuff. Until my next trip home that we shall see each other again, until then, take care and best wishes to you. I hope that the interview went well and good news are in order.

To Han Wei, if you have definitely decided on attending RIT this Fall, do let us know. We have added a spot for you on the dining table for all the holidays and weekend specials. No worries to your mom, dad and brothers - you have a bunch of older sisters and brother here in Buffalo and Rochester :P Posted by Hello

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