Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Visitors from home...

Shen & Jamie arrived safely this morning... after a night of sleeplessness in Newark airport... I told Shen that they should have caught the last flight out the night before.. but he shrugged it off saying that its okay.. they'll manage the overnight lay over and how Jamie as a first time visitor to the US may delay their arrival in Newark making them miss their connection... well, he was half right about that!! It was Shen himself that was caught in the whole immigration check point security search and not Jamie. I wonder why they selected Shen? Did he look overly suspicious?? :p

Well, after reaching home... we all went out for some breakfast, Peter was around so he joined us. Later... the trip to the Falls. Sadly, both Penangites brought light sprinkles of rain with them. Imagine that!! Instead of the hot tropical sun.. they brought rain. Sheesh!! Posted by Hello

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