Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wedding bells...

I was up for some time last night.. getting ideas on what to shop for bridal shower/wedding gifts. Received two wedding invitations yesterday, one from Matthew and Alethea and the other one all the way from home, Penang is from Ween Nee and Vincent.

Matthew used to work here in the office with us, he was the one we all run to when in need of help. He is cheerful - always merrily humming away music tunes and a great teacher - I learnt a lot of database/PC related knowledge from him as well as having thoughtful and inspiring conversations with him on all things literature. He and Alethea had been living and working around the DC metro area . The wedding ceremony is going to be held here in Buffalo. It would be really great to see them again! Congratulations!! So excited for the both of you!!

I have known Ween Nee all throughout high school. From the girl guide activities, tennis lessons, going out to movies and hanging out in class and hallways. She is the sweetest girl ever and a darn good tennis player, I might add. She is a great friend who is always there to lend her ear - listening to my silly problems and coming up with sensible solutions. I wish you and Vincent all the best and I know that your wedding day as well as life as newlyweds is going to be one beautiful journey. Peter and I both wished that we could be there on your special day. We may not be there in person but we are there with you in mind and spirit.

Congratulations to both couples!! Posted by Hello

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