Sunday, April 10, 2005

My Saturday goes like this...

Lovely day today was.. sunny & bright.. up to the high 60s. Spent some time by Lake LaSalle (in UB's North Campus) trying to do some readings - was very calming and relaxing, thanks to a good friend who was also there, thanks matey!! Chele was at the library - called me cause she didn't feel well, so sent her home. People... wish Michele get well soon & speedy recovery!

Did not make it to ballroom dancing with Yan.. ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings and a movie - Sin City. I don't know how much most of you would like the show.. but I enjoyed most of it. Dark/somber moods, plenty of skin showing (nudity & flesh eating/killing), gorie bits sections more like it and the effort put in by the creator and director for staying as extremely faithful to the book (jump cuts and all)! Don't be left out... go catch it!!~

After the movie, a bunch of us headed to a bar for some drinks... analyzed the movie for a bit, plans of a get together with everyone in May for a big drinking night out (Ollie's the event organizer) , and reminiscing on high school days (i.e. girls schools & catholic girl schools) - wouldn't you want to know?? :P Posted by Hello

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