Saturday, April 09, 2005

Friends everywhere...

This evening had to be the greatest.. met some cool new friends, people from my department and others from around school and a couple of friends whom I had not seen for a few years now.

Dennis and Theresa used to live down the hall from me in my junior year, in Lehman Hall at Governors Res. Complex. Well, Dennis lived down the hall from me and Theresa was always there.. they were are the sweetest couple ever! I always happen to pass by when they were making dinner... Well, bottomline is that we swapped numbers and now we know how to get a hold of each other. Theresa's still in UB, which means chances to meet up are high and as for Dennis, he will go to see Theresa often, plus... he lives in Grand Island.. that's like 10 minutes away.

And to the rest of the guys who I was hanging out with... you guys made me laugh, and I had a lot of fun. To Chris, Pawel, Nicholi, & Ollie... we gotta do this again!~ The name game rocks and no more famous people with names starting with the letter "F" please!! Posted by Hello

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