Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Got tickets!!~

Today was ticket presales for Michael Bublé's 2005 tour... and I just had to be the first to get my hands on tickets for his concert. Since I missed getting good tickets for the concert to be held at the Hummingbird Centre - Toronto (Think about it... Bublé and Dim Sum in one trip?!) , I thought maybe I would go to the one at Mohegan Sun - CT (Claire would have loved to go to this one since it's so close to her.. sorry, not heading there now :P ), or even the one to be scheduled at Beacon Theatre - NYC (A reason to head to the city and go see dear Jerry!)... luckily, they added more concerts in more cities and Buffalo is on the list!! Could not have been happier with the tour schedule... 8:00p.m., Sunday - July 10th, Shea's Performing Arts Center... come faster!! Posted by Hello

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Jennifer Meachem said...

yes, he is a dish... love him, love him, love him...
will be visiting your blog more today as i just want this music in the background. thanks!