Thursday, April 21, 2005


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From the STAR newspaper - April 22nd, 2005
(Not yet updated online on the STAR website as I am posting this piece - I beat the news Eastern Standard Time)

My dear sister, Sharon... Mount Holyoke College alumnae... is in the news!! We are so PROUD of YOU!! HHmmm... not so sure I like the BRAINY part of the article title :P "DOUBLEY" PROUD OF YOU!!! I wonder who took that lovely picture of Sharon at graduation?? ME!!!

Thanks to Uncle Dale who reads the Star paper early in the morning... ... thanks to Uncle Jimmy who scanned the newspaper cutting and thanks to DAD who emailed it to me.
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On another note... the writer of the article did not in any way asked for permission to use Sharon's picture (*ahem.. copyrights reserved Sherene Cheah) nor the use of her name. Seeing that her name was used for this publicity stint by the school, we think that it should be clear that we do not in any way endorse it.Posted by Hello

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