Monday, April 11, 2005

Beautiful but busy Sunday...

I usually sleep in on Sunday mornings.. but this particular morning was a little different.. woke up early - 7.30am, drove to Henrietta and surprised Peter... lazy bum was still in bed talking to me over the phone! Needless to say, Peter was thrilled... funny thing is... my surprise to him ended up as a half day spa treat for myself. I slept a lot at his place... ate, slept, talked, slept, back rubs received and more sleeping. I'm sorry for not being able to make those highly-requested brownies for you.. but we had a lot of fun yesterday morning anways! ;P

Left Henrietta about 3pm-ish... it was a beautiful day for driving, blue skies, wind blowing, high 60s.. I wanted to keep on driving - didn't want to get off the thruway. On the way back.. made a little detour and made my way up a little ways north of Buffalo. Drove over to Grand Island to see Dennis. While trying to hunt his apartment down, I saw Jennifer "Zynda" and her husband walking around enjoying the sun as much as I was.. it was nice to see her again. Like her, we last saw each other over at Mindi's wedding and I knew that she was living in Grand Island.... what a pleasant coincidence. Hung out with Dennis for a bit and headed back home.

Michele was still feeling sick.. Lori brought her to the doctor's earlier and she was prescribed a bunch of medication to help her out. So we let her rest... it was supposed to be an all girls' night out. 10 of us were supposed to head to Comixcafe... then there was 8 who went for it. Comixcafe was packed.. there were moments when I feel like laughing and moments that I just wanted to concentrate on my jalapeno-poppers. Overall it was just nice to hang out with girlfriends.. thanks Kristie for the invite!!

Came back home... was on the computer and messaged Mindi about seeing Zynda. Updates from her side, Tyler has a new brother to play with now.. congrats to Mike and Chelsea on the new baby - Rylan James (click to see baby). Mindi sent pics of Rylan... he looks sooo cute!! Awaiting more pictures from Mindi... Andy & her got a Daihatsu van. Get to the carwash faster and snap that picture!

And as you have read .. it was a busy Sunday for me... how was yours? Keep me posted! Posted by Hello

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