Monday, April 04, 2005

BAD Adelphia

Day #7 of NO cable connection

So it appears that I have been scrambling to stay late in school, be at work constantly and even coming to school over the weekends - all for the sake of being able to get some sort of internet connection.

Friends ask... "What about your neighbors?" Well, yes... there are neighbors but when you think of internet connections - WE ARE the only ones in our entire townhouse building lot to have access. Not hard to imagine when Michele and I first decided to move to Williamsville (we wanted somewhere close enough to school/work, yet far enough from college kids), and if you were to look around us... our neighbors comprises of mostly elder dwellers, single executives and a handfull of families living there who are in transition. In our townhouse lot (each lot is made up of 8 townhouses), we are the only ones under 30. Fear not.. when summer actually arrives.. we'll be making our rounds in our townhouse/apartment complex with brownies and cookie baskets. How Charlotte-Sex in the City is that!~

Well, we asked for it! Not that we are regretting or anything... we love this place. Just that Adelphia had better get that act together faster to fix our connection problem so that we may be in touch with the online community once again!!

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