Sunday, February 27, 2005

why the Longhorns?

A little update and mini write up with regards to the movie.. Tommy Lee Jones.. is TOMMY LEE JONES.. there is no other. The Longhorns.. shall remain as #1 (to me!) to matter what. I think that Hollywood made a great choice in selecting UT as they have one of the most unique traditions and school spirit.. EVER!~

From the Texas Exes reunions, the Hex-Rally (against 'em Aggies-Texas A&M) to the Longhorn Hook'Em Horns signs... Hollywood could not have portrayed UT any truer than in Man of the House. Next to the great one-liners from Jones and the cheerleader jokes... scenes and shots of the campus were gorgeous.

I would have loved it if they were to show more of the beautiful campus.. like more of the South Mall a.k.a. 6 pack (6 dept. buildings with a beautiful center green lawn & prominent figure statues), Littlefield Memorial Fountain (I passed it every morning on the way to class), the Mustang, etc ... but they did have plenty of shots of the Longhorn's Stadium and the Tower. This brings back such wonderful Summer 2001 memories... all the parties, being out on the lake, the ranch, and attempting the Texas 2-steps... all my lovely friends back in Austin.. I miss y'all!~!

And speaking of friends from Texas, Alex is on his way to Buffalo as we speak... he's driving up (I think!) from Springfield, MA and is spending a few days here before he leaves again for work. I told him over the phone that this has to be my luckiest 6 months since I get to see him 3 times instead of the once a year thing! Hurrah... so more catching up on days of our lives when he get here tonight!~ Posted by Hello

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