Thursday, February 24, 2005

hook 'em horns...

Thursday has come and about to be... gone. Survived the presentation today at the graduate student symposium.. don't think I was too shabby. Anyhoos.... you know what this mean... it's the weekends again!~

Dad & Mum called this morning... Mum's planning a trip here in May... and Michele's parents and brother, Chin Khee are coming too.. talk about a nice big family reunion gathering happening over at our place. On top of that.. Shen Hoei is definitely stopping by too in early May. He has a wedding to attend in Montreal... so we coordinated our schedules and he is definitely stopping by here before the wedding and we are going to meet up again in Boston or NYC. I can't wait 'till May... I had better write down a long list of things I want from home :P

Sharon leaves for Boston early tomorrow morning ... ickie.. morning drive to the airport! She's got a job interview with the Harvard Medical School-or something like that. Wish her all the luck!! As for me, work all day... gotta make up for the hours I missed today due to the symposium.

And this weekend... no more waiting because Man of the House opens in the theaters. Why the sudden eagerness from my side... well, Tommy Lee Jones is starring in it.. but most importantly... it centers around all things LONGHORNS! Go TEXAS!! Posted by Hello

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