Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Seeing and Looking...

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I had my eyes checked out today... if you have not realized this yet, I have been donning this pair of glasses which I received in December 2003 when Peter and I went back to Penang. After 22 years of 20/20 vision... and after being hard at work and especially many countless hours in front of the PC, I am dependable on some form of sight assistance.

Oh well... so this morning... I received my first pair of contacts... trial pair that is.... what made me decide to go for it?? Well... next to the fact that I only have that one pair of eye glass.. and I quite often misplace it.... I thought that it was time that I move to the next step up. My eyes checked out okay... and then my little workshop on becoming a new & first time contact lense user. Wacthed a 5 minute video on how to put on contacts and then, it was my turn to put on the contacts by myself. I did so successfully and in record time... hurrah!~!~ I had to take it off after a while to show that I am capable of doing so comfortable.. and put it back on again. After some more instructions on contact lense care and use... I walked out of the doctor's office feeling NO frames around my face again... *sigh.. brought me back to my pre-eye-glass wearing days!~!~

To me, this means.. a new outlook on things from my new "eyes" !~!~Posted by Hello

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