Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Girls of Summer 2000

I talked to Minah (in the orange T) the other night, we've been friends since Summer 2000 when we were in U of Hawaii at Manoa. We were just catching up and updating each other of all things current. She is doing well, finishing up her last few courses for her Masters at the U of Georgia. We are planning to meet up sometime this summer... we did promise each other!~ Why couldn't we meet earlier? Well, in some weird ways... UB's spring break this year actually coincided with Minah's spring break... but we could not meet because I have to work through the break. Now, you all know that I would not miss a chance going over to see a dear friend.. but there's a reason behind this hard at work girl... *blek!~

The catch is... a conference in California the week right after spring break. Due to the weird scheduling which I had earlier thought would fall during spring break... I had to reshuffle my plans. There is the annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society held in Stanford University from March 22nd to the 26th. I am not presenting at this conference but I am attending it to see how I would fare the following year when I do have to present!~ Way to go Sher!!

In a nutshell... I am working through spring break and then leaving right before classes starts again to Orange County to visit Matt and later fly to San Jose for the conference. Peter's cousin Lisa is coming with me... so Matt.. watch our for two girls at your place!~ We want our very own guided Blizzard tour, trips to Disneyland (15 minutes from Matt's place) , Huntington Beach (20 mins away), Newport Beach (20 mins) and lots more fun under the California sun.

While at the Bay area... I am in hopes of meeting up with the gang from St. Mary's College who were also in Hawaii-Summer 2000. From the picture, there's Marsha (blue dress), originally from Russia and she is one cool girl. Then, there's classy Tara (black top) and Juliana (white hat), who is now back in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So... I think I might only meet up with Marsha and hopefully Tara. Not forgetting the guys... although I am not posting their pictures... there's Arturo who is now back in Barcelona visiting family... but he did say that he would probably be in town when I am there and last but not least, George. Arturo said that he is getting married soon... welll... Congratulations George!~!~ Can't wait to meet up with you all!~

p.s: Don't want to leave out anyone from the picture... far left in the grey sweats is Michaela from Alaska, back then she attended Wellesley College and was the sweetest person ever in Hawaii. And glowing in her black strap top is Akiko who then attended James Madison University. How are you girls!~~ Keep writing and keep me posted!!Posted by Hello

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