Monday, February 21, 2005

My gloved-hand is UP!~

I know that it is a little early.. to some about what the picture above is depicting... but instead of me complaining about all the school work I have to do... such as catching up on major readings, research on countless topics and assignments... in a nutshell...
Sher's this week in perspective:-
  • readings
  • papers
  • research
  • presentation at GSE conference
  • airport rides

Let me now switch the blame-game of school to the weather. I know that most of us here in Western New York, and especially Buffalonians love to talk about the weather.... therefore, I am blaming all my worries and stress upon the weather. Another reason for this being.. maybe if I were to see Mr. Sunshine more frequently than not.. I may be a lot more cheerie than I am at this present moment. Oh, the agony of schoolwork!~

Let there be NO more snow... or rain... I can't wait for Sring Break... Lisa are you counting down the days as I am?? 26 days and counting.. Posted by Hello

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