Sunday, February 13, 2005

snow tubing fun...

After work on Friday, the three of us girls set off for Rochester... we were gonna have a birthday dinner get together with Peter, Nancy & Mario.. so we got there, went to Olive Garden.. waited and finally ate... and we ate a lot!~!~ Can you believe that I actually said no to desert... chocolate cake nonetheless!~ Well.. we had fun.. a nice birthday and get together celebrations for us all.

The next day.. we girls mustered up all the courage we have, bundled ourselves warm and went tubing outside Peter's house... they have a somewhat slope out in the front and a not so slope-y backyard... we had fun!~! Nancy joined us and later took us to the Mendon Parks about 10 minutes away to this semi- monster hill.. there were quite a number of people there but we all got our chances on the slope. What a workout it was climbing up again once we got down... on our last ride... Sharon, Michele and I hung on tight to our tubes and went down the hill with 2 big bumps towards the end... and Michele literally flew up and I think Sharon landed on her!! Yikes... after that.. we were all sore and aching from all the climbing and bumping!~!
Can't wait to do it again!!Posted by Hello

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