Monday, June 04, 2007

Back on the island...

I am officially back on the island... from my trip to Singapore, Bangkok, Penang, KL and back to Penang island. From Bangkok flu to allergies... I am just glad that I am staying put for now.

Emails were piling up... no more as of today! I tried blaming the slow internet connection, low RAM on the CPU, etc. In fact, I was just plain lazy upon my return to the island. Add heat, mugginess, PC troubles to the equation... I just could not gather enough patience and diligence to sit in front of the PC for any reason. Though the PC is rather slow than what I am used to (*pampered brat!) :P

I have got plenty of pictures to upload and share. Need a bit more time to get organized before I resume any full blogging activities. Here's a picture of me within Thailand's Grand Palace grounds with a smaller scale of the traditional Stupa Temples.

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