Friday, May 18, 2007

AirAsia F.A.Q.

From AirAsia's website....

Our culture

Fun & Friendly

One People
One Culture
One AirAsia
One Family

Be the nicest, most happening person in the world. Be one of a kind.

Create a work place that is fun and hppy so that coming to work becomes an enjoyable experience.

Friendly Smile and light up someone's day. Express warmth and kindness in everything we do.

Put our hearts into it and everything, put our whole heart into it. Stamp it with our own personality. Be proacite.
Passion When we do something, put our whole heart into it. Stamp it with our own personality. Be proactive.
Respect Treat others the way we want to be treated. Respect others and respect our company.
Honesty Do the right thing.
Communication Listen, understand, act and respond quickly and effectively.
Teamwork Teamwork is about coming together, progressing and succeeding together.
Professionalism Always look, walk, talk and behave professionally.
Humble Everyone loves an approachable and down-to-earth person.
Compassion It is about being sensitive to the needs of others.

Low fare and high quality is an unbeatable product.
Safety Think "safety first", "safety always".
Efficiency Be committed to do things better. Reduce our costs. Minimise wastage and protect our environment.
Reliability Ensure on time performance.
Great Services Great AirAsia Service is when our guests feel happy enough to tell others about our great service.

* * * * * * * * * *

I guess hovering stewardess did not honor AirAsia's attitude code of conduct. Here is how she fared:-

Passion - yes she was fairly passionate, in terms of accusing me with no proof or witness(es)

Respect - none given from the start

Honesty - you cannot be an honest person when you accuse someone without any proof

Communication - she did not bother to listen nor understand and was quick to judge

Professionalism - miss hovering was no where close to being professional. You tell me of a steward or stewardess you know who simply reach in for a lucky dip in your belongings! On top of that, do not assume that one who travels budget airlines are local and deserve such treatment. When you assume that I was local, you are already being discriminating. Local or not, everyone deserve a fair, courteous treatment.

Humble - from her first initial tone in informing me to turn off my cell phone, she was bitter

Compassion - as for being sensitive, she was nowhere close to being near. She was neither senstive nor understanding on my account. A very uneducated move she made - hear sound, saw someone with a sound maker, assume and point finger right back with no additional reservations.