Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What I have been up to...

In case you are all wondering what I have been up to... due to the minimal posting on this blog site, this is what I have been up to... in a nutshell (in this case, a photo mosaic!)


Eating, UB alums reunions (yes, it was more than once!), Penang Bridge Marathon 2007, trips to Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, friends visiting from Kenya, Hong Kong, Singapore, becoming a Penang tourguide (x3 for the time being), cousin's wedding, seeing all my cousins and relatives, hanging out with friends in Penang, shopping, plenty of eating, reading the newspaper daily (the real deal instead of online news feeds), researching online, writing my dissertation proposal, replying emails, facebook-ing, Penang wedding venue scouting, wedding photographers, more eating, and finally... the most important one of all... had the home PC reformatted and it is up and working fine as it should be!!
A big thank you to David for that!!

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