Monday, June 25, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon 2007

Yesterday, I joined my parents in the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007. This is an annual international affair hosted by my home state of Penang as well as the only chance where civilians are able "walk" or "run" on the Penang bridge.

This year’s event earned an entry in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the largest bridge run with a total of 21,339 runners. This year’s event attracted non-Malaysians from more than 50 countries including Kenya, Iraq, Macao, the Netherlands, Canada, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Ireland and Venezuela.

There were several categories in the marathon = full marathon (42.195 km), half marathon (22.3 km) and the fun run (10 km). I am in no shape to run a marathon, full or half for that matter. However, I am proud to announce that I had successfully completed my very first Penang Bridge Marathon Fun run, all 10 kilometers with my parents and was also very glad to have met up with a fellow UB alum, Eujin Ang and his girlfriend, JC (it was their first bridge run as well).

The Cheah family at the Penang Bridge Fun Run 2007 finishing line.

Here I am with fellow UB alum, EuJin Ang and his girlfriend, JC. They both drove from Kuala Lumpur for the event.

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kops21 said...

it is a joy to run with parents. :)