Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ribbit-ribbit porridge..

Chong Joon and I went out for a Japanese dinner on Friday evening... after that, he took me to the Jelutong market (in front of the post office) for a much awaited bowl of cooling see kua th'ng. Next to the see kua th'ng store is the porridge store selling an assortment of porridges. You have your usual meats and seafood porridges... and then you have the amphibian kind of porridge served with healthy, tender frog legs.

Frog legs porridge

Growing up, one never really question much about what was being served. If you were out with your parents and friends for a meal, you make sure you finish whatever it was that your parents dish out for you, out of respect to them and their friends. Come to think of it... my parents have been (still are) great at "putting food" on my plate for me to "Try a little bit, this is nice and good for you!". I don't question them about it unless the food was not to my liking.

However, I also question them about food even when it was to my liking and that is how I learned of eating frog legs. This happened in my pre-teen years, as I was chowing down on what I believe was chicken meat. Needless to say, I stopped eating right there and then!! Moral of the story here... don't ask what you are eating untill after you have completed the meal! This is to ensure that your enjoyment of other dishes are not spoiled or overshadowed by the shock of delicacy items such as frog legs.

These days, I just don't question what I am eating.. if I must, question before consumption or way after the meal is done. As for frog legs... have I had them after my shocking discovery? Yes, I have had them... I just don't know when !! :D

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