Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Traeasures in the basement...

I was down in the basement looking through some of my yet-to-go-through boxes - things treasures that I accumulated over the years. In particular, I was looking for my secret stash of black pilot gel-pens. Found the pens... in addition to that, I also found some other sentimental keep-sakes from living away from home (Penang & Buffalo) and travels.

I found this cassette which Minah and I tracked down and purchased back when we were living in Hawaii. Many of the local radio stations and in particular, KRTR (Krater)-FM constantly played this catchy Hawaiian reggae tune which Minah and I was hooked on. Funny thing was that we had no idea who sang it and what the title of the track was. All we knew was the chorus line which we managed to sing it to the music cd/cassette seller on Dukes Lane by Waikiki. Our singing pulled through and we got the song we wanted - This Good Thing by Reality. Check them out!

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