Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy Eatings pictures...

Here are the pictures from Pete's birthday and Thanksgiving....

IMG_3165 IMG_3172
Pete with his bright M&Ms ice cream cake...

IMG_3179 IMG_3220
Sharon & Chele... Nancy & Kozy with our main entrée... turkey-lurkey

IMG_3235 IMG_3247
Who's at the dinner table?? From left: Philipp, Wnyz, Sherene, Kozy, Michele, Sharon, Han Wei and Grandma Gauger... Philipp getting chummy with Pinky-Flamingo!~

IMG_3277 IMG_3280
Then, there's Pete and Sher... glad he caught me at the bottom of the staircase! *Phew... Nancy & Han Wei doing the D.D.R. - let the dance-off begin!!

IMG_3167 IMG_3295
Chele & Nancy.... The girls and Wnyx...

Gingerbread-house decorating.... we ate a lot of the decorations!!

DSCN6227 DSCN6226
Han Wei and Philipp tubing on the little slope around the backyard...

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