Monday, January 03, 2005

WOW - Collector's Edition

Matt's prized signature!! Great JoB!~
Will be checking in to see how much this edition of WOW is gonna sell!
** Ebay - Item #8158066677 (click HERE for link)**

Email from Nancy Milizia
Subject: Our Famous Son - the World of Warcraft artist

Hi all,
Attached is a picture from E-Bay. It contains the signature of our now world famous son Matt on a copy of a game he signed on 11/23/04. Our neighbor Jon Carlson was trying to purchase a copy of World of Warcraft on E-Bay. He came across this autographed copy of the game with Matt's printed name on the front. His mom Diane called us immediately and I of course (the proud mom that I am), immediately sent it on to you all. HOW COOL..!

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