Sunday, January 09, 2005

time after time...

I wish that time would hold still for a moment so that I can laze back in my lazy world... what have I been up to lately? Lazing around, eating, sleeping, more eating, laundry, taking down Christmas decorations, laziness and more sleeping... that explains the silent or missing entries in this blog of mine... what can I say? When it is cold outside.. all three of us girls hibernate through sleep, food and the tele for some form of entertainment, not forgetting to exercise our brain cells from it!~!~

One more week till the start of the Spring semester... I may be looking forward to the new semester, but this time.. not so sure about heading them books again!~ What ever it is... I am sure that I will battle through the rest of the academic year with lotsa dark circles under my eyes and hair tugging actions from headaches-giving-assignments!!~ I mean, tell me... what kind of assignments or homeworks do not give you headaches??!~ No more worries... think positive and no more procrastination..... yeah right!! :p Posted by Hello

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