Saturday, January 15, 2005

Saturday Dim Sum...

So there... Michele, Scottie, Peter and I... off we went up North... to Mississauga that is.. one of the 5 big Chinatowns that Ontario, Canada has to offer. Only this time, we went to the new Chinatown in Mississauga rather than the old one on Dundas Street. Got there around noonish and as always,we were starving... so there we stood in line at a restaurant called Nice Meeting You (no kidding!!) for about 30 some minutes until our number... eighty-eight "88" (*lucky!) was called. Once we sat... we ordered like there was no tomorrow... from the Har Kows, to Char-Siew-Paus to Tau-Foo-Fah... yummmy!~!~!

After filling our tummies... we went to the supermarket and bought a trunk load of food stuff. Michele got her Julie-brand rolled-up love letters and I got my Ribena cordial.. and a lot more other stuff that we just got to have in our already filled kitchen!!~!~ And now here we are back home... heating up more sweet pork buns "char siew paus" and egg tarts for Sharon!~!~ Posted by Hello

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