Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sterling, New York - Renaissance Festival 2004

So.. to the Renaissance Fest we go... to the Renaissance Fest we go... and what a fun time we had!~! For starters... there were lotsa great foood to try and feast on. I had my tummy filled with them fried clams and fried with coleslaw on the side, Sharon had a grilled portobello mushroom sandwich, Michele was very pleased with her Stuffed steak.. me thinks... pockets, as you can see from the other picture... Wei Loon was the brave one who attempted and successfully finished the Great Big Turkey Leg. To me, it reminds me of little Bam Bam, from the Flintstone's "bamBam" cLuB!~!~ ANyways... thanks to Nancy & Mario once again for bringing the rest of us troopers there. It was a great day overall with plenty of sunshine and cooling breeze for everyone~!~! Posted by Hello

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