Tuesday, July 27, 2004

New Home.. new bEgiNnings...

Well people... it's official... Michele and I finally decided and have signed the lease to our new "home". We got a 2 bedroom townhouse, it's within the Williamsville area and it will take me about 10 mins to drive to school. Not bad at all... its close by to most places, the thruway for Michele to get to work, to the Galleria mall, there's gyms around our lovely little apartment/townhouse complex, Wegman's is within walking distance.. not that I am ever gonna walk, and plenty of cute little stores surrounding us. Since we are nesteled between Main Street & Sheridan, we pretty much have easy access to most of the places. So excited... yet fairly stressful as the moving out and moving in begins!~!~ Aaahh... moving out of campus for the first time since January 2000... I am living away from campus for once... oh how I'm gonna miss my comfort zone... my T3 ethernet connection!~!~ Humbug.. cable link and whatever's out there is pretty good these days, so no worries regarding that!~!~ Will keep everyone posted and look out in your emails for the new address of mine!~!~ Pictures coming soon... cheerios!~ Posted by Hello

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