Sunday, July 11, 2004

Marmeee Mindi...

She's back!~!~ I have not seen Mindi since... err... since well, a year or so now. She left for Okinawa and lucky Japan to have her there. I missed her soo much. No more fun trips to the mall or hanging out with some yummy cocktails. But the fact that she is back in town, a couple hours from where I am now... is good enough for me!~!~

Remember the time when we were in the Burlington store and we both fitted into a BIGMAN overalls. We both filled "snuggly" into each pant leg, me in the right and you in the left. Although it was a little hard to zip the both of us up to resemble a mixed-breed-two-headed-girls-in-overalls; I think the lady at the store was yelling or just plain mad at us for clowning around. Thank goodness one of us had the camera and thanks to Peter, we have a picture of it. This reminds me, I have got to get that picture scanned and uploaded so we can share it with everyone!~!~  Posted by Hello

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