Friday, January 04, 2008

Maltese Cupcake

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Saw this at the bakery section of a SuperWalmart (no kidding! There's artistry in the bakery section there - so, go check it out!) and I just had to get it for Lori (dog lover and mother of Bam Bam the Shih Tzu)!! It's a little Maltese shaped 'cupcake'. What's so cupcake-y about it?! The cupcakes (2 of them) are the 'base' of the maltese puppy. It's been decorated with icing to resemble a Maltese... therefore you have a Maltese Cupcake - get it?! :P It's too cute to bite into!!

Ween: Isn't this a cute idea for Love-a-Cupcake?!


ween said...

sher!!! that is sooooo cute! but how come it looks so big!?? send more pics of it??? ohhhhh so so nice! maltese is my favourite! absolutely no.1!!!

* * sHeReNe * * said...

Isn't it adorable?! The Maltese is not big at all.. I just had the camera zoomed in on the details. It was really made from two regular sized cupcakes with frosting all over it.

Andy Kow said...

coooool. that's a darn cute cupcake!