Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bridal Show

Peter, Sharon, Amelia and I attended a Bridal Show at the Buffalo Convention Center this morning. It was the largest organized in Buffalo. The first show I attended was crummy, but this was from a different organizer and it was a lot better. I got some more ideas for cakes, bouquets and table arrangements, Peter received a free beer (he could have more, but he limited himself to one) from the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery and the girls got plenty of chocolate fondue treats, cakes & champagne gingerale - that was their lunch!

Bridal Show Ideas
Cakes and bouquets...


ween said...

that is so mean! I SO WISH I COULD BE THERE!! the cakes look great... which one are u getting? did u managed to finalized anything there? flowers? favors? shoes? fill us in!!! how was ur photo shoot? had a blast?

* * sHeReNe * * said...

We have a pretty good idea of how we want the cake and flowers to be... but those were just some nice ideas to take note of :P The pre-wedding photo session's not till Feb 3rd. Wish us luck! :D