Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PR status approved!

It's official... I have my green card. Well, it's in the mail but I got a stamp on my passport saying its approved. So, any day now I get the physical card itself :P What this means is that I am a legal permanent resident here in the United States with all the benefits a citizen receives, minus the voting part.

All it took was about $1500, numerous photocopies of documentation, hair pulling and tugging in trying to decipher the documentation requirements and a weekend in the office trying to collate and organize all the documents before mailing it off.

It took 11 weeks in total from the day we submitted my paperwork, including a visit to the immigration office for some biometrics (fingerprinting & photo) to be captured. No hitch to anything!

That's quite a record I must say after hearing all the harrowing tales I hear from people trying to get their immigration status adjusted or as the picture clearly points out. Pete and I are just glad that I can come and go from the the country now without adhering to any visa category restrictions, and work and pay plenty of taxes! Ick!! ;D

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