Monday, October 22, 2007

Whizarts wonders!

One of the most vital part in our wedding planning is locating a wedding photographer that would not only capture moments of our special day (in our case, days) but to also be able to capture it in a candid, journalistic and artistic way that reflects our personality and vision of simplicity, chic and elegance. This was no easy task!! Seeing that we have two weddings... we had double duty in search for wedding photographers.

I was home this past summer and was fortunate enough to communicate and meet with two photographers that Pete and I had narrowed down from our internet research. Thanks to the internet, early planning stages and browsing of options were possible especially if one were to plan a wedding from a far. And even then, it was no walk in the park! My dear friend from high school Ween Nee accompanied me to meet with my photographer. Yes, I did go with with them - Whizarts Wedding Photography. I was very delighted to have met Ke Wynn (principal photographer) & Alishia (senior photographer).

Upon inspecting their portfolio, I knew that they were the ones to capture our wedding day. One of the pet peeves Peter and I had on wedding photography is that the photographer should have a good balance in capturing small details of the wedding as well as everything else to it. In our search of photographers around US and Malaysia, we have seen many photographers who steer either too much into tiny details in pursuit of being "artistic" to those on the other end of the spectrum who simply took pictures as one would with a point and shoot camera - no photojournalistic vision what so ever. In addition to that, Pete and I wanted a local photographer who would be able to share his vision in incorporating sights and backgrounds of my lovely island city home of Penang.

We are both really excited to be working with Ke Wynn next December 2008. It may be more than a year away... but eager nonetheless to have him with us on our special day among family and friends. If you are interested to see more of his work... visit his blog HERE!

Penang wedding photographer... CHECK! That means the search is still on for a photographer for our NY wedding in September 2008. And what a whirlwind of a seach that has been... details to come in a future post.

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Whizarts Wedding Photography said...

Hi Sherene,

Oh gosh, I feel so honored by your post! Thank you so much for your much too kind words on us. It is times like this that makes us strive harder for our precious clients like yourself. All the best on your wedding preparation!