Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The musical Janet Lee

I came to know of Janet Lee through Ke Wynn's (our Penang wedding photographer) recent wedding shoot. The lovely couple had procured the talented Ms. Lee to perform at their wedding reception. I visited her website(s) and blogs and was mesmerized by her voice and accomplishments to date. Most of all, many of the songs in her repertoire consists of classics and jazz standards which are on our wedding song list.

Speaking of a song list, we never really had a wedding song list... what started off as a list of favorite american jazz standards which we enjoyed dancing to (YES, Pete does indulge me in a dance or two every now and then! I love him for it!) from my favorite crooners such as Steve Tyrell, Jane Monheit, Stacey Kent, Michael Bublé, etc., brought about this wedding song list which I have compiled and presented to my dear friends who have tied the knot.

Needless to say, I was impressed to have found a local singer who have these songs in her repertoire and especially one who can belt out the classics in the way they were meant to be adding her own personal touch to it. Maybe Ms. Lee will be singing at our Penang wedding? Maybe?!

For more information about Janet Lee, visit her website at and you can also listen to Janet's Demo tracks on her MYSPACE site at or here on my blog of her rendition of Misty.

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