Thursday, October 25, 2007

A green story...

Now that we have set our dates and venues for both weddings, one of the most frequent question I get from family and friends is on the color(s) of the event. Luckily for Pete and myself, we have always known it would be some hue/shade of green with accents of ivory and white. Reasons being...
  • we both have bedsheets that are of some pastel shade of green.
  • we found the perfect wedding favors (they are green!) that "symbolizes" our relationship.
  • we the simplicity and elegance of the cymbidium orchids (green, sage cymbidiums).
  • we enjoy lime! (key lime, mandarin lime, kaffir lime, Persian lime, etc.) And they are a shade of green.
  • Sher margaritas and they are made with = lime, which is = green.
  • Peter loves granny smith apples = green.
  • Kermit is Green, and it's not easy being green.

I think you get the idea... :D
Here's a look at our color pallette and ideas for our wedding!

Color pallette

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