Saturday, January 07, 2006


Caught a bit of the cold bug... the weather's turning cold again.... snow, the whole nine yards. Not a frequent Starbucks goer, but interesting enough.. I am craving for a shot of Chantico! The first and only time I ever had it was on New Year's eve at the Rockefeller Center - Peter got it thinking how much I would enjoy it. Sure enough... an addict was born. To sum up what a Chantico is... it's an extremely rich liquid chocolate drink. So intense.... I get my sugarhigh from a sip of it. That's why a serving of it only comes in a 6 fl. oz. shot/cup. Currently sniffling away... I sure can do with an order of it. Went by to the Starbucks on-campus, unfortunately they don't serve it.. I wonder if the other Starbucks around where I live have it? Chantico hunting anyone?!

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