Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another year, another semester...

First week of school is almost over.... well, to be precise.. 3 days of the Spring semester has gone by (Monday was a public holiday - Martin Luther King Day). However... Wojtek agreed with me earlier this afternoon that, it so feels like last semester just poured itself over to this new term.

*sigh... boy, I can't wait for school to be over with. So much for going for a doctorate... I am 3/4 done with the entire program.. just sit for my comprehensive exam this summer/fall and then begin with the dissertation process!

It's nice to see more familiar faces on campus. Everyone's back from their winter break and gearing up for a new semester of stress. One thing's for sure... I am already behind on readings and it's only the first week!!

This semester, I have 3 conferences to prepare for... very intimidated by all of them. Two student conferences - one in UB and one in Harvard (I know.. I can't believe they actually accepted me!) Let's see if I even make it there or if I chicken out :( The other is a national conference to be held in Honolulu over UB's spring break. Here's my chance to present at a national conference... I better do myself proud here! Other than that, it would be an awesome return to paradise island and to see Laurence@Captain. Get your surfs ready to hit those waves!!

But before I hit those books, papers, assignments, and presentation preparations... let's all just take a moment of breather. Thanks to Wojtek... he is hosting a party over at his place tomorrow night. Can't wait to get the usual happy hour gang back together. Let's just all enjoy the weekend for now! ;P

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