Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back from Penang....

Welcome back to WNY guys... we know for a fact that you guys had a lot of fun back home. Thank you a bundles to Han Wei, Chee Ming and Wnyx for bringing back with them our list of demands from home!! Thank you so much also to the Chong family for the delicious murukus, peanut cookies Chinese New Year snacks and gifts!! Thanks to mom and dad for my Hup Loong and Maggi spices, peanut cookies, kuih bangkit, CNY cards, chinese calendars, early ang pows (red packet) and my book!

Dinner@ Bali Hai Chee Ming, Han Wei & Wynx
Here's Chee Ming, Han Wei and Wnyx with my parents having dinner at, err... somewhere (where did you guys go again?!) in our wonderful hometown, Penang. When Chele and I first saw these pictures from Dad, we had our eyes set on what was on the table instead of the wonderful people in the picture! Sorry 'yah... :p

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