Wednesday, August 04, 2004

1st houseguest... Mindi visits...

Michele and I started moving stuff in on Tuesday, July 27th.. and each day we brought our "stuff" into the new towniehouse... and the very first weekend, we had our very first houseguest... my dearie friend Mindi!~!~ I have not seen Mindi for like... a year or more now... anyways.. I am glad we met up again. And the great news from her... she's engaged!~~ cOnGRAtULatioNs!~!~ I am supposed to mark my calendar down for June 25, 2005... the BIG day for her and Andrew. Sooo excited for them both. We're both hoping to meet up again in a few weeks before she return to Okinawa to Andrew... he's stationed there.. AIR FORCE. And I don't get to see her then till her wedding day!~ *sniff.. .sniffs... Gosh Mindi... you're only coming back one week before the wedding... I hope all goes well... knowing you... it would!~!~ I hope you love the little gift I got you!~ Much regards and send my love to Andrew!~!~ *muaks... Posted by Hello

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