Friday, May 25, 2012

Surprise package...

TGIF and it's a long Memorial Day holiday weekend! I arrived home and Peter called me into the house very excited to show me what came from Mr. Postman. It was a long tube package that usually carries blueprints, posters, etc. I inspected it and see that it came from our dear friend Ai Ling from Minneapolis. She got Baby Milizia a wall decal growing chart and it is so cute. The picture we took does not do justice to it (Husband, where is my Nikon? :P ) The decal is a light tan giraffe with orange striped legs and the other set of decals have clouds and little robin-like birds on it. Baby Milizia's room is painted yellow - so these decals will fit perfectly!

Thank you so much Ai Ling!! XoXoX

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