Monday, May 14, 2012

From our Canadian friends...

Mother's day, we hosted dinner for our Canadian friends who happened to be in town shopping. Sherene cooked up a very nice homey nasi lemak (coconut rice) meal for 10 people with all the side fixings a true nasi lemak has to offer including to the banana leave on the plate to accentuate the flavor of the coconut rice which already had a wonderful pandan (screwpine) leaf aroma when it was cooking with the rice.

Our Canadian friends presented us with a lot of clothing for Baby Milizia and her very first red packet too. Since it was graduation weekend at UB and Sherene had to attend graduation ceremonies, we could not head up to Aurora for our friend Bethany & Binh's son - Lex Ngo's full moon celebration. Mom@Nancy went on behalf of the Milizias' and we had her pass our red packet to baby Lex. So who came from Canada after the full moon celebration? Lex's grandparents who presented us with Baby Milizia's first red packet and a cute pink dress set. And the other set of pink and yellow attire came from Bethany's brother, Jonathen and his girlfriend Faye. The bib set and socks was gifted by Bethany's cousin KK and his girlfriend Sai. 

A growing wardrobe for Baby Milizia

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