Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glucose testing

Since I am around 24-28 weeks into the pregnancy, I was scheduled for the 1-hour glucose screening. The next day the OBGyn office called to say that they would like me to take the 3-hours glucose test because my 1-hour test results came out not so favorable. How unfavorable? Normal is to be under 140 and my result was 188. Yikes!!

I scheduled for the 3-hours glucose test immediately and they also had me set up to see a gestational diabetes doctor as a precautionary. The 3-hours test I did a lot better! Sitting at the doctors having your blood drawn every hour having been fasting for the past 14 hours was not too painful of an experience thank goodness to me being prepared. I brought a pillow, iPad, DVD player and 2 movies in tow. I was fairly comfy and time did not pass by too slow. After drinking this very sweet, cold and flat orange soda, the first of the three hour result was high but close enough to the desired level and the second and third hour reading, my glucose level was a a very good level. What does that mean? My body just process the glucose in my system a bit slower since being pregnant.

Peter told me that when Mom@Nancy was pregnant with him, she had gestational diabetes. So, I put this all on Peter :P

My OBGyn still had me keep the appointment with the gestational diabetes doctor. After meeting with him - he me set up with one of those glucose monitors where I am supposed to test myself 4 times a day and a guideline to dieting.

Peter and I thought this was rather extreme but better be safe! So here I am now, after each meal I wait out two hours not eating too much sugar (or space out my sugar intake) and then check my glucose level. So far so good.. if all is well, when we see the doctor in two weeks maybe he can prescribe something with less frequent testing. Gotta really cut down all that bread, potatoes and pastas!!

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