Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bronchitis go away!

So the cold that started two weeks ago - which I have been suppressing with all sorts of home remedies, western and Chinese medication had led to bronchitis. The doctors finally prescribed me some antibiotics and some fancy-smancy medication with codeine in it (that's pretty much Robitussin in layman's term). The codeine stuff knocked me out instantly and while I slumbered, I did not get enough rest - if you know what I mean. So in addition to fighting some idiopathic allergy of chronic hives - the cold and now bronchitis, they were really no help at all in my fight to just feel normal and healthy again.

Day #3 on the antibiotics - much improvement. The coughing and funny nose have lessen and no more pressure on my pressure points and t-zone. Thank you all for the get well wishes and you stay healthy too!!

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