Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Allergist's Verdict

To the allergist I went today...

Blood work came back all negative. This is good - I am healthy as can be according to my blood. I am on day #5, also the last day of me completing the Z-pack (antibiotics). I have already cut back on the codeine so I am no longer a groggy zombie!

So this means the chronic hives I have are idiopathic and I should keep Zyrtek close to me a all times.

My allergist did a skin allergy test on me - this is the part where I had about 40 tiny needles with 'stuff' on it injected onto four sections on both my arms. I survived but then the tingling, itching sensation began. Nurse said no scratching or rubbing of any kind for 10 minutes for the doctor to see.

Not even a few minutes... I can see tiny mosquito bite size bumps appearing and redness around certain test areas. You know what this mean... I am showing positive reactions to the 'stuff' they are testing on me.

Verdict from the skin allergy test, I am allergic to the following:
1. Cats
2. Dust mites
3. Weed (the ones sprouting dandelions not the other kind :P)
4. Trees.... TREES?? Which one?! In our northeast region, there's oak, hickory, birch, syacamore, cottonwood, walnut, ash, beech, maple, elm to name a few - so which one??

All of them!!

Most people are of the above...

I, on the other hand....

So it's continue on with Benadryl and Zyrtek plus some newly prescribed cream to sooth any itchiness from the hives and the mentioned allergic reactions.

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Andy Kow said...

How can someone be allergic to trees? Are they sure?