Monday, February 04, 2008

February in the city

Peter and I were in the city this past weekend - we spent 2 full days in the city meeting up with old high school and college friends, a little shopping and meeting up with our wedding photographer for our pre-wedding photo session. We managed to see everyone important and very dear to us and that means a lot of coordinating, walking and catching the right train/cab to the right place at the right time - which all parties did so succesfully.

First person we met up with was Sui Bee who drove in from Baltimore. We later met up with Karyadi for lunch at Nyonya restaurant in Chinatown - Bee and Peter were craving more Malaysian food. Next, Eric met up with us for a short while. Pete and I always make a point to meet up with him when we are in the city and since we are in Chinatown where he presides, he was right there anyway :P We checked into our hotel, Hudson Hotel which was right by Columbus Circle and the Time Warner Center by Central Park West, talk about a great location to be in the city. Freshened up and the three of us, Bee, Pete and myself went to meet up with Claire and Dan for our dinner reservation. Claire had no idea that Bee was going to be with us - what a surprise it was!!

Dinner was delicious at ama - italian for love and later our group moved to a party in the meat packing district. Bee's friend invited us all to a party where we met up with Jerry & Andrea. There was going to be a bridal shower for Andrea the next day (yesterday) and I was not going to be able to make it seeing that Peter and I are meeting Punam for our pre-wedding photo session. It was so nice that Jerry and Andrea came all the way downtown Manhattan to see us and so that I would be able to pass her the shower gifts. Their wedding's about a month away!

The following day, Bee, Pete and I headed out for breakfast and said goodbyes to Bee - she wanted to make it back to Baltimore before it gets dark, plus she needs to catch up on sleep for the coming work week after a night of partying :P We stayed closeby to our hotel and headed to the Time Warner Center for some shopping and met with Punam at our 1pm appointment. She is such an amazing person and photographer!! She put Peter and myself at ease throughout the photo session and we had such a fun and relaxing time with her in Central Park. We even got to ride a round in the Carousel. I can't wait to see the photos when it's ready!! After our photo session, we headed to Long Island City to Punam's house and met with her talented husband, Andy from the Two Man Gentlemen Band.

Our final stop for our weekend getaway was about 3 miles away from Punam's or 2 subway stops away to Claire and Dan's apartment, also in Long Island City. There we were greeted with a pot of curry chicken cooking for dinner. That evening was also Superbowl Sunday, so the four us plomped ourselves down in front of the television with our plates of rice and curry chicken. Giants won!!! Hurray for New York! People at the airport in JFK were rejoicing for the NY Giants squashed any chance the NE Patriots had in making football history.

Peter and I arrived safely back in Buffalo where Michele picked us up from the airport - tired yet accomplished from our activity filled weekend!! Here are pictures from my camera...

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