Monday, December 03, 2007

Vivian & Ivan's Wedding - Studio Pictures

Vivian & Ivan
Viv & Ivan.... you two look amazing!! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!
Are you running a workshop for Posing for Wedding Pictures 101 anytime soon?!
Pete and I sure need all the help we can get before it's our turn! :P

One wedding (07/07/07) down and one more (12/22/07) to go for you two...
Good luck with the final wedding plans for the Penang wedding!


vivivan said...

Can I steal this pict? (Too late, I already did. hehe. Thanks love.) Oh pls don't get me started on BigHugeLabs! I have so many things to do.
Oh it ain't easy posing. My advice is, teach Pete the appropriate words/phrases he needs to know like 'Look left, chin up, tilt head to right etc' in Hokkien/Mandarin/Cantonese since you guys are doing the shoot in PG :)

* * sHeReNe * * said...

Steal away!! It's made for you!! Well, Pete got all the food related words sort of down... I guess its on with learning new 'posing' words for now! :P