Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cup-a-Cakes Wonders!

Christmas 2007 could not have been any brighter in Penang, thanks to the generous sweet treats which my dearest baker extraordinaire friend, Ween has made for children at the Bukit Tengah Home. This generosity is made possible from 30% of cup-a-cakes(TM) sales in the month of December from orders placed or will be placed from loyal customers such as you and me (I played my part, one way or another :P).

Holiday sweet treats from cup-a-cakes(TM)!!

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Speaking of cupcakes.... I recently surfed by a website which claimed that cupcakes are now available in Penang. Has it not been made available? Why then, let me share with you the amazing wonders of cup-a-cakes(TM) creations from WeenNee. Since you haven't been on-board with us lot here who are just mesmerized with Ween's creations, you simply must place an order yourself and do the needful (30% of all December sales goes to charity)!!

Adding to that, this particular website also claimed that Christmas designed cupcakes were its newest creation. If so, what were the not so new creation(s)?? A little perplexed here... where's the comparison?! Why call something new when there isn't a something old or less than new to contrast the claim? Did I forget to mention that I simply adore the candycanes and snowmen on cup-a-cakes(TM) Christmas cupcakes?

How did I come to learn of this website? The cupcake website link was erroneously posted on my blog's tagboard. After a little sleuthing around, it appears that the website owner was trying to promote her new business on my blog after checking out her competition cup-a-cakes(TM). Her first attempt in trying to post her link was unsuccessful, she inserted the competitor's website instead. Genius!! She did manage to post the correct website link of hers later on to which I had just gladly removed.

My bone to pick with this particular website owner... no way are you "advertising" in any means on my blog. That is not what this blog is for! Healthy competition or not... I simply do not allow unknown person(s) to utilize my blog is such a sneaky manner. If your creations are so wonderful, people will take notice or even try to help you spread the word. On a final note, there's no cupcake business like cup-a-cakes(TM)!!

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